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National Christian Forensics & Communications Association  The official National Christian Forensics & Communications Association web site for the national home school speech and debate league

The Debate Site  The Debate Site was established on March 10, 2000, with the goal of helping both novice and advanced debaters alike enhance their research and argumentation skills. We hope to be the number-one source of new theory ideas and evidence on the current NCFCA debate topic. 

Communicators for Christ  This page was designed to help promote our vision of expanding Christian communication skills across the United States, in the homes of families active in their communities.

The Christian Debater  The Christian Debater is a monthly Webzine of articles, columns and commentaries to assist you in your speaking and debating experience. This is the site of Training Minds Ministry, a nonprofit ministry. Its goals include guiding the novice as well as empowering the expert. "Train the mind for action" (1 Peter 1:13).  A resource for debate news, theory, strategy ideas, evidence, discussion and more. Five stars!

The Communicator  The Communicator provides timely information for students and their parents about all NCFCA communication activities and events in California. It also features resources provided by NCFCA, by other students, and by coaches across the country. A great place to research the NCFCA debate topic on the web. On this site you'll find articles, links, and tips that will help you learn the topic as well as how to become a better debater. Plus, you can participate by posting tips and links that you have found helpful, for other debaters to use.
  A debate site for competitors from almost any league, secular and Christian alike. From discussions on kritiks and topicality arguments to defenses of the Religious Right and the legalization of marijuana, it's got plenty of information for you to tap into.

The Great Debate: Freedom to Communicate!  Jonathan Wolfson has put together a debate handbook. Check it out excerpts from the handbook or go and get your own copy.

Chicago CHARGE debate

National Homeschooler's Network Speech & Debater Directory

The Official Homepage of Richmond Homeschool Forensics

Northern Virginia Speech & Debate 

If you or your club has a web site pertaining to debate, please notify the webmaster for its inclusion in our amazingly inclusive collection of debate links.

The Corn Animation Page  Finally an agriculture site with no educational value!  Download the fascinating saga of the corn that played baseball.  Who knows? You could learn something...

Agriculture is Fun!  Dancing chickens make this page a must-see. Highlights are lovely PDF files designed for children much below our grade level. Also, see "What is your chocolate IQ?"

IM Chat  Witness begging at its best.  In this actual transcription of an IM chat, CJ Heggem tries desperately to obtain 2 secret definitions from Andrew Bailey. (This is not technically about agriculture, but it pertains to this year's resolution and it's very hey.)

Other sites coming soon...

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