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The Definition Chat

By CJ Heggem (as MasterOfNewbies) & Andrew Bailey (as Wrathius)
For the actual document (although, it looks basically like this) please visit

This document has been severely edited….

MasterOfNewbies: if you have a second, could you send me your definition of Agg policy, I would appreciate it
Wrathius: I have a bunch now..
Wrathius: why?
MasterOfNewbies: Because
MasterOfNewbies: I need some
MasterOfNewbies: please send them to me in an e-mail if you can
Wrathius: I'll need a better argument than that
Wrathius: before I go sending all my stuff
Wrathius: what do you want your def to say?
MasterOfNewbies: I gave you all that useless crud from the BEEEEEEEP (source of evidence edited)
MasterOfNewbies: I want a few
MasterOfNewbies: for Clash
MasterOfNewbies: and other stuff
MasterOfNewbies: I did a lot of useless crud for you before Nats
MasterOfNewbies: you know
Wrathius: ok, can you see to it that the def does not leave clash?>
MasterOfNewbies: I will do that
MasterOfNewbies: unless I find them myself
Wrathius: do you have the Jeub book
Wrathius: that has one definition
MasterOfNewbies: People are giving me ev for defs, and I keep saying Title 7
Wrathius: a very broad one
MasterOfNewbies: no I don't
MasterOfNewbies: I don't want to give people defs though
MasterOfNewbies: I gave one person
MasterOfNewbies: ...
MasterOfNewbies: The Common Agricultural Policy is way past its use by date argue WWF

[Just gave me 4 defs, and I can’t show them to you! He said so!]

Wrathius: I have two more, but those are my top secret ones
MasterOfNewbies: please oh please
MasterOfNewbies: !!!
Wrathius: not now, dude
MasterOfNewbies: I am desperate
Wrathius: I'm not ready to do a lot of trading yet
MasterOfNewbies: nobody is
MasterOfNewbies: but me
MasterOfNewbies: so please
Wrathius: then you don't need my help
MasterOfNewbies: Yes
MasterOfNewbies: cause nobody flows Defs!
MasterOfNewbies: I need you man
MasterOfNewbies: I love you
MasterOfNewbies: please oh please!
MasterOfNewbies: come on
MasterOfNewbies: what can I give
MasterOfNewbies: DAiry?!
MasterOfNewbies: You like Dairy?!
Wrathius: nothing, as of now
MasterOfNewbies: then can you give me
Wrathius: I'll find that stuff on my own
MasterOfNewbies: and I will repay you
MasterOfNewbies: oh yeah!
MasterOfNewbies: I will hide it and bug all the sites
Wrathius: I will give later and you can repay then
MasterOfNewbies: What about all the useless crud last year?!
MasterOfNewbies: that accounts for something
Wrathius: have you asked topic experts for defs?
Wrathius: I've started doing that
Wrathius: get em to send you published materials
Wrathius: some are really pretty cool about it
MasterOfNewbies: But why ask them, when I have you?!
MasterOfNewbies: And I don't know experts
MasterOfNewbies: please oh please Andrew!
Wrathius: neither do I, but I email em anyways
MasterOfNewbies: I will dance for you
MasterOfNewbies: I will give you thumb wars!
MasterOfNewbies: I hae Thumb Wars
MasterOfNewbies: have8
MasterOfNewbies: have*
MasterOfNewbies: it is funny
MasterOfNewbies: laugh laugh laugh
MasterOfNewbies: come on
Wrathius: uh-huh
MasterOfNewbies: I am desperate
Wrathius: you fail to persuade me
MasterOfNewbies: I can dance for you
MasterOfNewbies: la la coo ka racha
Wrathius: in that case, I'll simply block you
MasterOfNewbies: no
MasterOfNewbies: no dance
MasterOfNewbies: dance no no
MasterOfNewbies: dance bad
MasterOfNewbies: dance = evil
Wrathius: CJ, don't you have any self-respect?
MasterOfNewbies: Chris = Deserves Definitions
Wrathius: you don't see Tim begging ppl for ev, do you?
MasterOfNewbies: no
MasterOfNewbies: Yes!
MasterOfNewbies: He begs me
MasterOfNewbies: last year he groveled
Wrathius: well, I don't see him begging
Wrathius: and that's what counts
Wrathius: in my mind
MasterOfNewbies: well nobody sees me begging
MasterOfNewbies: same here
MasterOfNewbies: I had a about you begging me
MasterOfNewbies: so I can beg you
MasterOfNewbies: for definitions
Wrathius: are you kidding? I'm going to broadcast this IM conversation to the entire HSD community!
MasterOfNewbies: Yay!
MasterOfNewbies: lol
MasterOfNewbies: do that
Wrathius: you've just given me ammo for personal attacks
MasterOfNewbies: great
MasterOfNewbies: then you will go to hell
MasterOfNewbies: hee he hee
Wrathius: too bad...
MasterOfNewbies: and I will go to heaven
MasterOfNewbies: without defs
MasterOfNewbies: I WOULD RATHER DIE!
MasterOfNewbies: What if God said "CJ, give me the definition of agricultural policy... the two secret ones Andrew Bailey has. If you can't, you can't come in."
MasterOfNewbies: What then!?
MasterOfNewbies: What then huh?!
MasterOfNewbies: just leave me there hanging!?
MasterOfNewbies: fine then
MasterOfNewbies: ignore me
Wrathius: ok, I will
MasterOfNewbies: I was kidding
MasterOfNewbies: wait!
MasterOfNewbies: please
MasterOfNewbies: grrrr....
MasterOfNewbies: please give them to me
MasterOfNewbies: please oh please oh please
Wrathius: dude, I gave you 4 defs or something
Wrathius: isn't that enough for now?
MasterOfNewbies: *kissing your feet... ignore my head*
MasterOfNewbies: 4 is never enough
MasterOfNewbies: all is only what I except
MasterOfNewbies: but I often change my mind
Wrathius: you set yourself up for dissapointment, then, I'm afraid
MasterOfNewbies: oh darlin', can't you see what I am telling you?!
MasterOfNewbies: I love!
MasterOfNewbies: you
MasterOfNewbies: marry me
MasterOfNewbies: and for an engagement present I don't ask for much... just 2 definitions
MasterOfNewbies: your secret ones
MasterOfNewbies: you know
MasterOfNewbies: come on
MasterOfNewbies: you can have me for 2 definitions
Wrathius: even if I was gay, I don't think I would be persuaded
Wrathius: sorry, dude
MasterOfNewbies: I am too much for you
Wrathius: give it up
MasterOfNewbies: is that it
MasterOfNewbies: Who ever said I was a guy
MasterOfNewbies: fine the
MasterOfNewbies: bye
MasterOfNewbies: I g2g anyway
Wrathius: cya
MasterOfNewbies: make finner
Wrathius: how nice
MasterOfNewbies: dinner