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Northern Light  In-depth coverage of major news stories, edited and compiled by our team of librarians and updated weekly.

Moreover News Portal  For a basic example of how Moreover provides the latest online news, read breaking headlines from a limited set of sources that includes hundreds of popular websites.

Virtual Library  The Virtual Library is the older catalog of the Web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the Web itself. It is run by a confederation of volunteers who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they have expertise. The pages at this site have been presorted and selected because they are of high quality. It has a section on agriculture with many excellent links.

Yahoo! Politics > Trade  This site contains hundred of links to trade policy sites.  The extensive list of sites is broken down into many categories and subcategories for ease of navigating.

Google News  Finally! The power of GOOGLE concentrated on searching
4,000 continuously updated news sources. Amazing.

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 Research & Policy Institutes 
Brookings Institution
Cato Institute
Heritage Foundation
Mackinac Center for Public Policy 
Reason Foundation
Urban Institute

 Trade Policy Related Sites 
The Cato Center for Trade Policy Studies  Aims to increase public understanding concerning the benefits of free trade and the costs of protectionism.

Center for Agricultural and Rural Development  Academic research and briefings in the Center's main research areas, which includes trade and agricultural policy.

International Trade Issue Briefings  International trade briefings and other issues in trade policy analysis. 

International Trade Policy Course  An interactive on-line course teaching the fundamentals of international trade policy. 

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington  A web-book with seventeen chapters covering a wide range of trade-related issues

OneWorld Trade Campaign  Coverage on trade from the OneWorld partnership network working for sustainable development and human rights worldwide.

Trade Alert News reports and op-ed articles on the U.S. trade situation.

Trade Justice Movement  A group of organizations that are concerned with the impact of international trade rules on the poorest people in the world, the environment, and democracy.

Trade Policy WTO Briefings and Forecasts  Contains sample trade policy analysis articles about the WTO and international trading system. 

Washington Post Special Report on Trade Policy 

Washington Trade Reports  Essays on trade issues, with a focus on agriculture, labor rights, preferences and a new round.
 Value Debate Related Sites 

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