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Master's Conference

Carissa & Caleb (6th place team)
The Alter of Debate

Carissa eating Chinese food
Thane & David debating LD

Group of debaters looking up
Micah eating a veggie burger

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Carissa Phillips (in The Team)

Carissa also really likes rhyming.  Her most renowned rhyme is, "The VAT is all that."  She likes to say this sporadically and especially in debate rounds...[more]"


"...Debate has existed for thousands of years.  It is an activity that can turn commoners into kings, give voice to the voiceless, and make the wise appear foolish....[more]"

NCFCA (in Links) 

"...NCFCA has a simple vision statement that is used as a measure for all its
activities, namely: Home schoolers addressing life issues from a biblical world view in a manner that glorifies God..." [more links]

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