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Round One: International

Speaker 1:
The Axis of Evil: Is Iran "evil" enough?
Are France and Germany "old Europe" or a new global power?
Plan Colombia: Is the cure worse than the disease?

Speaker 2:
Pakistan: Is Musharraf a fair-weather friend or a true ally in the war on terror?
Does the appointment of a Palestinian Prime Minister signal a shift in the winds of peace?
Venezuela: Are Hugo Chavez' days as President numbered?

Speaker 3:
Are China's capitalist reforms a diplomatic show or a nail in the communist coffin?
AIDS: Is there a light at the end of Africa's tunnel?
Will America's pressure on Turkey cause the government's bubble of secularism to burst?

Speaker 4:
What price will Tony Blair pay for his support of Bush's war on Iraq?
Can Junichiro Koizumi jump-start Japan's sluggish economy?
North Korea: Is it time for the world to put down the carrot and pick up the stick?

Speaker 5:
Will the assassination of Serbia's Prime Minister squelch the nation's efforts at reform?
Does the Philippines have what it takes to curb Islamic terrorism?
Will the European Union become the "United States of Europe"?

Speaker 6:
Does Kofi Annan's plan for Cyprus offer hope for reunification?
Will sanctions again Robert Mugabe bring down Zimbabwe's infamous President?
Will an invasion of Iraq send world oil prices spiraling out of control?

Speaker 7:
Sri Lanka: Is peace in sight, or are the Tamil Tigers back on the prowl?
Can Bush win support for the Free Trade Area of the Americas?
The European Union: Will disagreement over Iraq drive a wedge between East and West? 

Round Two: Domestic

Speaker 1:
Are there too many cooks in the Democratic kitchen?
Will a Republican-controlled Senate give Bush a blank check on judicial nominations?
The Space Shuttle Program: Does the final frontier come at too dear a price?

Speaker 2:
Can the pro-life movement succeed in banning partial birth abortions?
Is America prepared for another terrorist attack?
Will States be forced to bear the burden for the cost of homeland security?

Speaker 3:
Affirmative Action: Is Bush biting off more than he can chew?
Do "Freedom Fries" betoken a broader rejection of French wares?
Can Bush win popular support for his tax plan?

Speaker 4:
Will the democrat's opposition of Estrada's nomination cost them the Latino vote?
Is the Hydrogen Fuel Cell the wave of the future?
Is Reality TV a passing fad, or a permanent fixture of Prime Time television?

Speaker 5:
Is Social Security's fatal flaw being swept under the carpet?
Who will win the coveted "Best Picture" Oscar?
The Department of Homeland Security: Will crime-fighting efforts get lost in the shuffle?

Speaker 6:
First "Moulin Rouge," now "Chicago": Are musicals coming back in style?
e-Security: Are our computers impervious from a virtual assault?
Does Bush have domestic support for the war on Iraq?

Speaker 7:
Is the Death Penalty in the US dying of natural causes?
Will the Democrats be able to poke holes in Bush's Alaskan oil drilling plan?
Will "March Madness" take a back seat to the war on Iraq?

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