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VP: National Independence... posted by DG.
"Our nation owes a debt of gratitude to our farmers
and ranchers for helping to ensure stability in our
economy, for providing food products that amply meet
our citizens' needs and for representing what is best
about America."

The respectful words of President George Bush echo my
sentiments and support the adoption of the resolution:
That the restriction of economic liberty for the sake
of the general welfare is justified in the field of


For the sake of clarity and uniformity of
understanding, I present the foremost terms of this

Economic. From Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary

Of, relating to, or based on the production,
distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

Liberty. Webster's 1828 Dictionary

The power of acting as one thinks fit, without any
restraint or control, except from the laws of nature.

General Welfare.

Essentially, and underlying utilitarian ideal which
describes that which elicits the greatest good for the
greatest number of people

Field of Agriculture American Heritage Dictionary of
the English Language

The science, art, and business of cultivating soil,
producing crops, and raising livestock; farming.
VP and Criterion.

The value premis, which characterizes my position, is
National Independence. Independence is defined by
Webster's 1828 Dictionary as:

A state in which a person does not rely on others for
subsistence; ability to support one's self.

For the purposes of the round, in that we are
referring to national independence, we shall modify
that definition as follows:

A state in which a nation does not rely upon other
nations for subsistence

When we apply that value to the field of agriculture,
a criterion that we can use to measure Independence on
the Agricultural Market, is competitiveness.


The affirmative proposal of this value is justified by
the following:

The first justification is Our Constitution.

The ideal of a free people for an independent nation
has been a cornerstone of the nation's sovereignty and
strength since the foundation of our country. A nation
that would establish justice, ensure domestic
tranquility, provide for the common defense and
promote the general welfare was created with the value
of independence at its core.

The second, Our Economy

In contrast to countries subjected to external power
sources, our nation demonstrates how a free and
sovereign nation--through national independence--reaps
the blessings of economic prosperity and the well
being of individuals.

Lastly, Our National Security

Any nation, which depends upon another nation to
supply any of its needs, is at the mercy of the


Let me elaborate my position with four contentions
offered for your consideration.

Contention 1. We have an obligation to protect our
National Independence.

Our Independence is the basis of our nation's
sovereignty, our economy, our safety, our liberty, and
our freedom; compromising independence, would
compromise every virtue of America.

Contention 2. Competitiveness in the commodity market
is vital to sustaining Independence.

If prices on American produced grain, sugar and other
commodities were to become suddenly higher than that
produced elsewhere, from whom would our food suppliers
buy? It is a rule of economics that our grocery
stores would suddenly be filled with foreign meat and
flour. Then who would be regulating our foodstuffs?
Foreign governments would now be in complete control
of our nation's food market.

Contention 3. A farmer support, or tariff, system is
necessary to maintain competitive prices.
From the U.S. Embassy in Paris, "Until high levels of
E.U. support and protection are substantially reduced
and export subsidies are abolished, our farmers will
continue to need support to compete with subsidized EU
product that is dumped on the world market with no
regard to farmer incomes in other countries."
In order for our nation to be able to compete against
highly subsidized foreign competitors, a support
system is necessary.

Contention 4. A farmer support, or tariff system is
crucial to our National Independence. And, for the
sake of the nation's well being, the restrictions
involved with such systems are justified.

These systems require a restriction of the free
market, but are necessary to retain our national

Economically, we have all experienced the pain of
dependence on foreign oil supplies. We've experienced
shortages, price increases, long lines at the gas
pumps, and many other disadvantages. Imagine, however,
having your food supply coming from foreign nations.
Foods with no criteria for safety, exported at the
whims of other nations. Imagine shortages, rationing,
price increases, food lines.........hunger. We cannot
afford to sacrifice our nations food supply upon the
alter of capitalism.

Especially in recent weeks and months, when National
Security is vital, and we have struggled simply to
insure the safety of domestic foods, it is so
important that America understand why the restriction
of economic liberty is justified in the field of

When Independence weighs in the balance, let us
embrace the timeless words of Daniel Webster and say,

"It is my living sentiment and, by the blessing of
God, it shall be my dying sentiment- Independence now
and Independence forever!"